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About the Works of Spencer Perdriau


"Spencer Perdriau offers us a more holistic and integral approach to psychological healing [recovery] that takes into account the deeper roots of human identity in the transcendent Reality, which is never touched by age, disability, illness, and death, but is ever new, ageless, wise, enlightened, infinitely sensitive in its spontaneous capacity of love, kindness, compassion, and mercy. This is our true identity, the essence of who we are, not the phenomenal ego of earthly life. Spencer has grasped this truth through his own experience of illness, which opened him up to the Source. His vision here is refreshing, and makes a significant contribution to healing [recovery] from the perspective of genuine spirituality. He is emerging as a leader in this important area."

- Brother Wayne Teasdale 1945-2004
Christian Mystic and friend of the Dalai Lama
Author of The Mystic Heart and A Monk in the World
M.A. in philosophy & B.A. in theology
Adjunct professor of the De Paul University, Columbia College
Member of the board of trustees to the Parliament of World Religions
Member of the Monastic Interreligious Dialogue
Coordinator of the Bede Griffiths International Trust


"Dear Spencer: It was lovely hearing from you again and I think your book [Into The Light Again] is terrific - because it takes a holistic approach and is well written and holds out hope... Very best wishes, and well done."

- Anne Deveson
Australian Writer
Author of the book Tell Me I'm Here
Founder of SANE Australia


"Visit our exciting and fascinating new web page: Nonduality and Schizophrenia. It features the fine writings of Spencer Perdriau. There is no else who has beaten schizophrenia and speaks so well about it and from the nondual perspective, as Spencer. His knowledge is first-hand and his advice sound and practical. One per cent of the population has schizophrenia. There is a 35% recovery rate. The upcoming movie, 'A Beautiful Mind', is about a man who suffers from schizophrenia and goes on to win a Nobel Prize. There are many fascinating links on this new web page. I hope you'll spend time there."...and...
          "Keep pushing your work. You're an excellent writer and your perspectives are unique. And you're committed to what you're doing. Those elements will keep people interested."

- Jerry Katz
Founder of the website Nonduality Salon
Live-in caretaker for people suffering from schizophrenia


"Hey Spencer! I'm Jordan, the Founder of Enlightenment.Com. You've got everybody over here very excited. I'm excited too, because I eventually want a reason to visit your part of the world... I want you to know that I *really* enjoyed looking at your website for a half hour. Some very nice visual effects, that is, you have done a great job in transmitting darshan digitally. Let's assume you have a real talent for this, and that it's part of our job to help you hone it and get the word out."

- Jordan Gruber
Founder of Enlightenment.Com


"You have created a very beautiful, sacred, and wholesome website and I'm sure it enriches many who visit it. Bless you for all the creativity and mystical love that has gone into it... Keep up the great work enabling the Divine to manifest thru you in every way!... Bless you for all you have done in coming out of your illness and in trying to assist others to do likewise. You are a great model, Spencer."

- Sister Pascaline Coff
Advisor of the Bede Griffiths International Trust
One of the founders of the Monastic Interreligious Dialogue
A life member of the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration
Foundress of the Osage Monastery




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