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What is God?

God is the Absolute boundless Presence that pervades, creates, sustains and retrieves all levels of manifest reality.




About The Divine Absolute

If God is everywhere, then not only does He exist beyond us, but He also just as equally exists within us at the same time, pervading every aspect of our self, right deep down into the depths and very essence of our being.




What is Truth?

The only time we need to ask a question is when we do not know what is true. Truth is what is real and so.




What is a Mystic?

A mystic is anyone who has experienced Non-duality – unity with all and Ultimate Reality. Any person who has experienced and realized the essential nature of reality. Through total self-surrender (loss of ego identity, via spiritual exercise or by grace) that person has experienced union and identity with/in The Divine.





All reality is consciousness. At the absolute end of the spectrum, you have consciousness as the pure still, subjective observer, which is uncreated, unmanifest, unchanging, boundless, infinite and eternal. At the relative end of the spectrum, you have consciousness in motion as the objective universes, causal, astral and material realms, which are created, manifest, changing, temporal and finite. The unmanifest quality of Consciousness contains and sustains the manifest quality of itself. Consciousness manifest is the expression of consciousness unmanifest. The more consciousness moves into motion, the heavier, denser and more dualistic it becomes. Thus, It becomes manifest, ranging at the finest end as Spirit, and falling to the grossest end as matter. As all reality is consciousness, in the realm of The Absolute, everything is subjective. That is why God knows all things at all times.




Observing The Levels of Reality


The Observer is everywhere, and thus within us all.

The Observer is The Source – The Creator – Consciousness – The Self
The observed is the reflection – the creation – the universe.  


Anything that is observed was, and is, created.


The realm of the universe (creation) can be observed, therefore it was created:
       The realm of the body (the physical) can be observed, therefore it was created.
       The realm of the mind (the subtle) can be observed, therefore it was created.
       The realm of spirit (the causal realm) can be observed, therefore it was created.


That which observes – the realm of Consciousness – cannot be observed, therefore it must be uncreated.

The only thing that is uncreated is The Creator, therefore The Observer must be the source and foundation of all that is observed. 


The observed is always changing, but The Observer does not change and is constant throughout it all.


The observed is The Observer in disguise.


Through the gift of grace, when there ceases to be a difference between The Observer and the observed, Unity is experienced,

and this is when you realize your always connection with God.


The Creator created creation to express and experience the eternity of Its uncreated being.





Reality is like a Jig–Saw Puzzle

In the beginning (of the cycle), everything is together, unified and one with the Creator. When creation comes forth, the fall from unity occurs and everything fragments everywhere away from union with The Foundation. Now in relation to each other, relativity is so amongst all the fragmented pieces. The jig–saw puzzle of reality is now relative to itself. At the relative level, the puzzle presents uncertain, random and full of choices to make, but at the absolute level of it all, the puzzle is already certain, precise, and the destiny of unity is so. God has shaped and predestined the pieces, us, and although He already has our part and position worked out and known to Him, His pleasure and satisfaction is seeing us work ourselves out for our self. He is never disappointed, for His creation is inevitable and predestined for His pleasure and satisfaction. Gradually over time the play of creation works itself out and the pieces come together in their rightful place, until finally all prejudices and differences are lost, and everything becomes unified again in complete unity and equality amongst the totality of it all… The complete and absolute picture of the jig–saw puzzle of reality. In the end, all that remains is one big picture, The One Being of All. The play of creation is then again ready to come forth for the next cycle within the endless eternity of God’s Being.




A Word on Karma

Without a doubt, there is definitely an evolutionary progression to creation and the universe, and that is constantly striving towards and returning back to its ultimate potential and reality… God.  Within creation (God’s Body), everything is in relation to each other. Thus, relativity is so and with it the action of cause and effect – karma. The cycles of life progress forwards and towards its ultimate good. As the cycle of life progresses forwards through the now and not backwards, I do not believe that we can decrease or reduce from our present station, no matter how bad our karma may be developed and accounted for in the next. If we do have transgressions to correct and redeem ourself from, then I do not believe we incur a lower station upon ourself in the next incarnation. We are however placed at the same station again for the due amount of incarnations until we have corrected and healed the crimes and offences caused at that level. Only then can we progress to higher levels of incarnation and up to the heavenly realms, until finally we are rewarded with the ultimate and final incarnation (earthly or heavenly) to return back to eternal union and oneness with God.




The Serpent’s Trick

The greatest trick in all creation was the serpent making us believe we were separate from God, when all along we are one with Him.





As an analogy of truth, the story of Adam and Eve is a perfect symbolism of the genetic unfolding of male and female.




Spiritual Psychosis

In a very real sense, we all suffer from a spiritual schizophrenia. For having suffered the fall into relative life experience, we are all deluded into the illusion of separation and fragmentation from the ultimate nature of reality – That of Unity in and as Absolute Being. As a human of relative nature, we all suffer from delusion and ignorance until we awaken to our ultimate nature. Spiritual Sanity. Or rather, Saintly Spiritual and re–membered in God.




Mental Illness and Spirituality

As commonly as spiritual and religious delusion is associated with mental illness, this does not in any way whatsoever take away from the ultimate reality that even the hell of schizophrenia cannot deprive us from our spiritual essence and source that is always there – true, pure and free – behind and beyond all the fleeting turmoil observed and experienced at the level of mind…. And nor does it take away from the full possibility of a person who encounters mental illness to be just as much open to encounter a genuine authentic spiritual or mystic experience, as anyone else may. It may be harder to authenticate, given the circumstances, but no less possible.




Good and Evil

The degree of holiness is determined by the capacity of identification with equality, unity and oneness – the true nature of reality. The degree of evil is determined by the extent of identification with difference, prejudice and separation – the false nature of reality.




The Good is Absolute and Infinite

Do not think of Good and evil as merely the play of opposites, but rather think of it like a refined scale of gravity. At the lightest level where everything is boundless and free from restricting obstacles of corruption, this is the highest absolute point of Being – The Good – where everything is free, equal in balance and just. This is our original nature that we all strive for and desire to return to. At the heaviest level where everything is bounded and restricted by obstacles of corruption, this is the lowest point of being – The Bad – where everything appears limited, unequal and unjust. This is our false nature that we all conflict and differ over. So The Good is high and positive, and boundless with The Infinite, whereas the bad is low and negative, and restricted from The Infinite. Therefore just like the nature of gravity, the bad is always corrupting, limiting and pulling us away from attaining our ultimate and original nature… [So between these two extremes, you have the gradual corrupting or cleansing process of gravity, depending on which way we are inclined. Some of us are closer to our original nature and some are further way from it. So there is the black and white of Good and bad, and there is also the scaling transition of grey from one to the other. However Good and bad as seen in this light, is not in the traditional sense of the play of dualism where there is nothing absolute beyond or out of that.] …Thus, the ancient analogy of Heaven above and hell below. We also remember this with the parable of the lost sheep given by the Nazarene who describes how we all who have fallen into matter have strayed from the unity and harmony of The All. Do not think it is some dogmatic belief when the prophets tell us that God is just, perfect, pure, right, true, holy, ultimate, infinite and eternal. That is the very nature of Good, God – The Absolute. The Highest level of All. So therefore strive to be perfect, even as God in Heaven is perfect.




Settle for the Goal, Not the Journey

To get there, the journey to the goal must be taken, and this is important. But as I so often hear and read of so many of us merely settling for the journey itself, I would like to advise against this somewhat limiting socially accepted opinion. We should not merely settle and be satisfied with the journey alone. The whole reason for taking the journey in the first place is to attain and reach the goal. If Siddhartha had just settled for the journey itself, he would never have taken that extra essential step to attain the ultimate goal of enlightenment, allowing him to experience and realize the Buddha nature – ultimate nature and being of reality. The journey is important, but the goal is far more important and what we ultimately seek from taking the path of any journey. So take the journey, but do not settle for it alone. For this defeats the entire purpose of taking the journey (or any journey for that matter) in the first place. We take the journey to reach the destination, and the destination in this spiritual respect, is the ultimate treasure, crown and salvation of all life.




Different Names for the same Destination


Spiritually speaking, from what I have experienced in life, I have come to understand and appreciate that all religions have their value, and it is not the case that each religion worships their own unique God, but rather every religion worships the one and same Creator/Divine Ultimate Reality according to how the cultures of those particular faiths have been influenced by the founding prophets who encountered The Divine directly, which ultimately lead to their following and teachings about That…


What the Christians call God, the Hindus call Brahman.

What the Buddhists call The Foundation Ground of Being, the Taoists call The Tao.

What the Jews call Yahweh, the Muslims call Allah.

What the American Indians call The Great Spirit,

The Aborigines also call It the same.


No matter how different our beliefs may be, or what our degree of perception/awareness may be – whether delusional, accurate, or refined – it does not change the ultimate and obvious fact that we all exist and share in the same reality… We all exist on the same planet, in the same galaxy, and in the same universe. Key word being “same”. As such, it only presents natural that if we take the picture even further out to the most infinite dimensions, we also find that we all still exist within, and are still part of, the same One Infinite Being in totality… We are all part of the same “Thing.” Thus, it only seems natural and complimentary that there is only One Divine Absolute Reality governing it all, no matter where we are located or what path on the map we use to navigate our way back to the Ultimate Treasure of all Life. For me, as a young spiritualist, I would love to see all religions united in a universal–interspiritual understanding and appreciation that we all exist (and share) in the same reality, no matter what path on the map we choose to discover and reach the goal of salvation. As long as we are going in the right direction, and we follow the paths (the faiths) accurately – free from manipulation and extremism – we are on the right track.




The Ideal of Equality & Unity

Imagine, just for a moment, if we were all aware of our common connection in life, that which we all equally share in, the Divine underlying Unity holding everything together – that Conscious Presence behind and beyond all. We would all realize that we are all part of the One and same Absolute Being. What do you think would happen then? …You would treat everything and everyone as yourself, for it is all a part of yourself anyway. You would not hurt or violate another, for you would only be doing that to yourself. Rather, you would treat everything and everyone with care, compassion, respect and dignity, as yourself. Where else do you think the ideal of the Golden Rule stems from? Treat others as you would have them treat you. This is not some made up religioso ethic to keep society in line. No. It is much more than that. It is a profound realization of the ultimate nature of reality that all spiritual masters experienced and taught to us, to the capacity we could live by, to “try” to keep peace and harmony... That we are all equal in essence... That we are all One Universal Being in total and Unity.




In The End, It Doesn’t Matter

You don’t need to live a long life to work it out. But as a young friend of mine once accurately pointed out, most of us live an entire lifetime and never work it out. As true as that is, ultimately, it does not matter either way, for in the greater scheme of things, essentially we are all connected to God, whether we realize it in this lifetime or not. You may then ask, well why bother trying to work it out in the first place then? Well the answer to this lies in the testimony of another… The only thing required for evil and ignorance to dominate and take over the world is for the wise and holy to remain silent.




Pride and Contempt of the Elder

And seeing the disposition and expression of the realized elder, the enlightened youth said to the wise man: “Do not look down upon me from your pride and position of experience; the difference between your current incarnation and mine is nothing when compared to the eternity of Life Itself, which fuses them both in indifference and equality.”




How Wonderful

In our galaxy alone; of the immense distance between star systems, even by our human scale, our solar system is the only known location we currently know of that sustains Life on many levels of being.  How wonderful and grateful I feel to be a part of that Life. Not only that, but we each of us have the opportunity to discover and realize our unity with, not only this Life, but The Creator of All Life…   How wonderful.           






God The Absolute


I Am Absolute.


When the gap is bridged;


the barrier dissolved,


between observer and observed,


there will be no difference,


and you will know Me and Be as I Am…


Absolute – beyond separation and duality.


This Is My Truest Nature.


All as and in One.








Amongst all our variety and differences, we are all founded in unity...


We are all the same.  We are all Human Beings.  We are all one:


We all live on the same planet, in the same star system,


the same galaxy, the same universe,


the same creation, the same Spirit,


the same creating consciousness,


The same Creator...


We are all the same.


We are all One.


The One






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